Immediately hault deportation of Narinderjit Singh, Migrants against ASH urges government

In a shocking and inhumane instance of migrant discrimination, the Government is planning to deport disabled migrant Narinderjit Singh, effectively to his death.

Narinderjit, a polio survivor, has been living in Aotearoa for 22 years. His family, specialist medical team and community supports are all here in Aotearoa.

Read on Newshub.

Because of a one-off incident 8 years ago during an episode of mental distress, the Government see fit to deport Narinderjit. They’ve also cut off his benefit.

No one was injured in the incident, which as Narinderjit says, was brought on by bullying, doesn’t represent his character at all and was a one-off.

Narinderjit lacked adequate legal representation at the time according to his lawyer. Yet now he’s being criminalised and facing a xenophobic punishment vastly disproportionate to the crime.

Migrants Against ASH Aotearoa urges Ministers Faafoi and Twyford to immediately reverse the inhumane decision to deport Narinderjit Singh, reinstate his benefit and allow him to stay in Aotearoa with his family indefinitely on his residency visa.

Narinderjit is due to be deported at the end of April. This is a crucial time for us to call out this discriminatory and inhumane order until it’s reversed.

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