Take action – #EndASHNow

Morning sky with clouds turning rad and pink at the bottom, and grey clouds at the top.

All of us love living in Aotearoa. We share a passion for making this country a vibrant and inclusive place.

But right now, the Government are penalising migrants based on our disability or health status.

They’re upholding ableist Acceptable Standard of Health migration rules which impose a price tag on us based on the cost of our conditions.

The ASH rules consider us a burden, instead of contributing members of our communities, workplaces and schools.

This ableism does not belong in a caring and welcoming Aotearoa.

We’re calling on the Minister of Immigration to #EndASHNow!

Here’s why we’re calling to #EndASHNow.

Our stories in the media

Collage of media headlines showing families with disabled kids being threatened with deportation, stuck in limbo, migrant being targeted for being, to quote the headline, "too fat", etc.
The Acceptable Standard of Health is ableist, fatphobic and disrupts lives.

Latest updates

Who we are

Migrants Against the Acceptable Standard of Health is a grassroots migrant collective campaigning to end disability and health discrimination in Aotearoa New Zealand’s immigration system by getting rid of the Acceptable Standard of Health requirements.

We are led by migrants, refugees and families directly affected by ASH discrimination.

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