Our stories in the media

Collage of media headlines showing families with disabled kids being threatened with deportation, stuck in limbo, migrant being targeted for being, to quote the headline, "too fat", etc.

Government after Government have allowed the Acceptable Standard of Health requirements to discriminate against migrants based on disability or health status for two decades now.

Since at least 2016, some of us have spoken out, despite the risks, and news organisations have covered our stories.

These pieces show the big picture.

Overland Magazine, 2022

Time to scrap ableist migration rules down under

Stuff, 2022

Immigration policy discriminates against disabled

Stuff, 2022

Government won’t review ‘discriminatory’ immigration policy

Threatened and stuck in limbo

We have faced life-altering uncertainty and threats of deportation because of ASH. Many of us have been stuck in limbo for years, whether in NZ or offshore.

The Guardian, 2022

New Zealand denies entry to autistic daughter of immigrant couple

Newshub, 2022

Mexican man claims he was rejected for New Zealand residency because he’s too fat

Stuff, 2022

After seven years in New Zealand, family stuck in visa limbo over daughter’s disability

Stuff.co.nz logo

Stuff, 2021

Too fat for NZ: Mum can’t lose weight fast enough for immigration officials

Stuff.co.nz logo

Re: News, 2021

This man is facing deportation because of his disability

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Newshub, 2020

Paraplegic woman facing deportation from New Zealand blames ‘a system that discriminates’

Newshub. logo

Stuff, 2019

Traumatised mosque shootings survivors’ son might not qualify for special visa

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RNZ, 2017

Man hopes son won’t be deported: ‘He’s not going to survive by himself’

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Good news at huge cost

Some of us have received good news but only after long, costly, and exhausting fights.

Newsroom, 2021

Renewed hope for migrant fighting to change the ‘ableist’ system

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NZ Herald, 2021

Immigration New Zealand U-turn on visa decision, disabled Russian graduate wants apology for discrimination

NZ Herald logo

Stuff, 2020

Auckland woman with disability wins years-long immigration battle

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NZ Herald, 2018

High Court sets aside decision to deny intellectually disabled woman New Zealand residency

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Facing deportation

Others of us had built a life in Aotearoa only to face deportation or feel obliged to leave.

Newshub, 2022

Disabled man being deported to India despite living in New Zealand for 22 years (this is not on ASH grounds but is still a case of unjust and inhumane discrimination against a disabled migrant)

Newshub, 2022

Christchurch family being ‘inhumanely’ forced out of country because 4yo disabled daughter can’t get residency

Newshub. logo

NZ Herald, 2017

Family ‘devastated’ blind daughter will be deported

NZ Herald logo

The Guardian, 2016

My son’s autism meant he was refused New Zealand residency – so we’re leaving

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Who we are

Migrants Against the Acceptable Standard of Health is a grassroots migrant collective campaigning to end disability and health discrimination in Aotearoa New Zealand’s immigration system by getting rid of the Acceptable Standard of Health requirements.

We are led by migrants, refugees and families directly affected by ASH discrimination.

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